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In 2015, the Australian Branch of the International Law Association is proud to be launching the ILA Reporter – an international law blog for Australian practitioners, academics and students, which will be available at


The ILA Reporter will provide analysis, commentary and discussion on issues in public and private international law which have bearing on Australia and the wider region.


The Editor is currently seeking contributions for the inaugural edition.  The ILA Reporter will have high readership and represents a key opportunity for authors to publish their work.


The Editor seeks written contributions by 21 January 2015.  Articles for subsequent editions will be welcome on an ongoing basis.


Contributors must read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below the signature in this email.


Please send contributions or queries to the





ILA Reporter


Terms and conditions of publication

  1. Referencing

Sources must be referenced, preferably by hyperlink where possible.

  1. Article format and length

Articles should be contained in a word document and aim to be between 400 and 2000 words.

  1. Copyright

Copyright remains in contributors, who by submitting material to ILA grant a free, perpetual non-exclusive licence authorising ILA to republish it in any format and on terms that the work may be quoted or reproduced by readers with appropriate attribution of author and publication, for private, educational or other non-commercial purposes.