Climate change, recognized as a serious international concern for decades, was never as visible and threatening as it is today. Its impacts have profound implications for human societies, especially in regions already vulnerable due to poverty, inequality, or political instability. The 2023 UN Secretary-General’s Policy Brief on A New Agenda for Peace recognizes that the uneven suffering created by climate change ranks among the greatest injustices of this world.


This seminar will discuss legal responsibilities of States and the international community to take measures reducing the necessity of migration due to climate change and ensure fundamental rights to those already forcibly displaced due to its adverse impacts. The presenter will argue that the notion of climate change emergency is inadequate, and suggest a paradigmatic shift to adequately address new realities, as the adverse impacts of climate change are not, and must not be tackled as, a one-off event.


Date:  Wednesday, 7 February 2024


Time:  1:30 PM – 2:30 PM ACDT


Location:  Alere Function Centre, Flinders University.  Registry Rd The Hub, Level 2 Bedford Park, SA 5042



  • Professor Dr Vasilka Sancin, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law (Slovenia)


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