5 October 2017, 18:00-19:30, Sydney

20 years ago, Britain handed over the colony of Hong Kong to Mainland China. Fast forward to the present, and the relationship between the Mainland and its Special Administrative Region is becoming increasingly turbulent.

Hong Kong is allegedly governed under the “One country, two systems” approach, where it is considered part of China, but has a different legal system.  Yet these lines may be blurring.

Headlines have been dominated with the high-profile kidnapping of booksellers from Hong Kong, disqualification of Legislative Council members for refusing to swear an oath of loyalty to Beijing and the jailing of pro-democracy protesters from the Umbrella Movement, amongst others.

So what does the future of the Hong Kong look like going forward? How has it changed since handover? What are the some of the most pressing challenges for its legal system, including human rights?

These questions and others will be answered by our esteemed panel, including a keynote address by Professor Johannes Chan SC.

Further details, including ticketing information, can be found on the AIIA website.