Date of event:  Thursday, 26th of May, 2022
Time:  5pm – 6pm AEDT
Location:  Online Webinar Event (Virtual Conference)
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Cost:  Free

This event brings together many of the contributors to Unconventional Lawmaking in the Law of the Sea for a conversation with the Editor, Natalie Klein, to celebrate the book’s release.

This book:

  • Examines the role of informal agreements and informal lawmaking in diverse areas of the law of the sea
  • Highlights how diverse actors, processes, and non-binding agreements set standards and inform decision-making in ocean governance
  • Covers contemporary topics such as maritime security, marine environment, fisheries, ocean resources, technology, shipping, and navigation
  • Provides a fascinating case study of lawmaking in international law with valuable lessons for the law of treaties, state responsibility, and the sources of law
  • Offers informed perspectives on law of the sea from specialist female scholars and practitioners from across the globe

The contributors include:

Tutku Bektas • Tara Davenport • Ellen Hey • Yurika Ishii • Marie Jacobsson • Elsa Kelly • Chie Kojima • Liesbeth Lijnzaad • Nilüfer Oral • Irini Papanicolopulu • Anna Petrig • Rosemary Rayfuse • Zoe Scanlon • Karen Scott • Zhen SUN • Erika Techera • Anastasia Telesetsky • Seline Trevisanut

The event is supported by the ILA(Australia) and UNSW Sydney’s Faculty of Law & Justice